Looking for Love in all the wrong places

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Looking for Love in all the wrong places

I must say, I was at one point in my life the queen of poor choices in relationships.

I have hurt myself with my poor choices in men because I was searching for affirmation of a male to compensate a father wound.

We are a product of our environment and depending on your environment you create a belief system. For me, this belief system took me on a bumpy broken heart road for years! I would see how easy it was for people to hook up and have long lasting relationship. We all have experienced a disappointment or a heart break, or both. Mine were ongoing heart breaks!!! Until my last heart break who pretty much left me hanging between life, death, and a prison sentence. The consequences of this last relationship changed my life forever and took me on a road seeking answers and asking myself how I got here. I found many answers to which have changed me and how I make decisions now. After a long painful recovery, a river of tears, and an awesome support system, I found peace, true love, forgiveness, joy, and my purpose which is to write. I want to write my first book about my life, the failures, victories, and the miracles.

Looking for Love post

I found out in this journey to my new self all the love I need is in me. The love we are pursuing is in us, God is Love, Love is God. Walk in Love with God first. I was Looking for love in all the wrong places because of my belief system and my father wound. We all have so many distractions now that sidetracks us from finding our true self and true love. I would have avoided so many heartbreaks had I truly believed That all I need is Jesus.

That decision changed my life and my thoughts which helped the healing process. Change takes time. In all areas of your life make Jesus first. His love is taking me to all the right places.

Photos by Tim Mossholder and Saif Memon on Unsplash

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